Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I get the best possible product
A: JLM Engineering, Inc. has a dedicated and experienced staff that believes that the clients best interests of paramount importance.  JLM will supply a full time, experienced, registered professional engineer on site during all phases of construction.  Our mission is to have one good client, perform our job to the best of our abilities and when the project is successfully completed move on to another client.  We do not believe in giving half time service to many clients.

Q: Will JLM's pricing be fair
A: We believe that price should be fair. Careful negotiation and attention to needs of our clients play a big role in the determination of our fees. We believe that both parties have to be comfortable with the agreement in the beginning or eventually one of the partners feels like they are being taken advantage of and this leads to suspicion, doubt and eventual failure of the relationship.

Q: Will the work be completed in a timely manner
A: Being in business ourselves, we understand how costly overruns on time are for everyone involved in the project.  Engineers, architects and contractors all want their extra when schedules are not met and time overages occur.  As our client, you deserve and need to have the project finished on time.  JLM understands this most important need and we intend on using our knowledge, skill and experience in construction to be proactive rather that reactive.  Stay on top of schedules and material supply schedules and do our best to work wit the contractors, construction managers and material suppliers to insure that work stays on schedule, critical milestones are met and the project is finished on time.